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I work with aspiring women who feel “called” to serve at this pivotal time. I believe that the heart and its wisdom must come alive... the heart of each of us in caring for ourselves, in caring for each other, in caring for all life. An awakened heart inspires wisdom, and all is cultivated and well-tended. Women tend the heart. We are the nurturers and protectors of life. And clearly, it’s time for us to assist humanity into a thriving future!

Extraordinary achievement is not merely an end result. It’s a state of being that is chosen and diligently cultivated through a consistent increase in knowledge and skill, and the adept self-management that fulfills bold intentions.

With any ability, relationship, or circumstance, extraordinary achievement is activated by whole-heartedly committing to it. Activation becomes achievement through consistent practice and maintaining presence, strength, focus, integrity, wisdom, perseverance, and resilience. A lengthy list, I know, but all are essential for success, especially during challenge, stress, and adversity.

You must trust yourself and know undeniably, that you will “be there” for yourself, come what may... Without this self-trust, your endeavors can be interrupted by sudden problems and misfortune. This wastes precious time, energy, money, and resources, and delays progress. You can’t control people, the world, or the unexpected. No one can. But you can consciously and wisely navigate them. This is the best investment you could possibly make.

Excellence and success are achieved through mastery. All world-class athletes, adepts, and virtuosos know this; it is their destiny. If you are ready to take the helm of your destiny, and make great things happen, read my coaching page!

"Marianne is a master performance coach!
She just asks questions and listens to my responses.
Then understanding the interconnection of
perception, thoughts, choice, and action,
she shows me how they defeat and destroy my success!
She never judges and makes me wrong, or feel ashamed.
So I can easily see how I'm controlled by
my self-limiting habits of my formative years.
This is very freeing!
She shows me how to change my habits into new ones
that remake me into the successful person I want to be.
And with these new habits, I've begun to succeed.
I can't find strong enough words to express how thankful I am."